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We specialise in creating, implementing, testing and refining exceptional PPC campaigns for our clients. We manage successful, performing pay per click campaigns on all the major search platforms, social media sites and devices, both in the UK and overseas and we have been doing this since the formation of Google adwords over a decade ago.

If you have a new exciting project that you are looking to launch, if you have a paid search strategy that isn’t working, one that is struggling to get to the next level, or you’re looking for an agency who can manage multi-national, large blue chip projects then we have a qualified professional team to help you achieve your goals.

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Experienced and accredited Google Certified Professionals & Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

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Best of both worlds
You will be given your own qualified dedicated account manager who will learn your business, your goals, your customer base, your industry and your account. But our team regularly shares best practice and ideas. Our management team will always monitor account managers work, so that Targeted Media can immerse itself in your business, while keeping itself open for fresh ideas.
No Minimum Term
We believe a relationship is only worth having if both parties are happy and value is being added. Therefore we work on a rolling 30 day agreement,  so no restrictive long term contract, meaning we stay together only as long as both parties are happy together.
Clear Communication
Transparency is the key to any good relationship and we make our work as transparent as possible. We follow all Google third party compliance rules for ppc management and offer all our clients bespoke monthly reporting as standard.
Value For Money
We try to tailor pricing to the project, the work and what’s fair for both parties. This means we will always make sure you get the right support and focus on your business for the right money.
Your Business Aims Are Our Foundation.
We never get side tracked with the data that doesn't help deliver the overall business goals. We align our ppc management KPI’s to the strategy and the business targets & goals to ensure all our actions are with the bigger picture in mind.
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Prezzy Box has shown a year on year growth in paid search performance with Targeted Media delivering its best ever quarter in Q3 2012. 2013 is already on course to beat 2012 with record ROI of over 600%

Prezzy Box

Home Leisure Direct approached us three years ago with a brief to make their paid search work for them. Three years on and they have established themselves as the number one online retailer in the industry and have improved year on year revenue performance, with our paid search support.

Home Leisure Direct

Shower Seal is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of bathroom & shower parts. They approached us to take their already performing PPC Management and take it on to the next level. By month two we were delivering the same ROI as before, but spending 35% less of their budget each month.

Shower Seal
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"Since Targeted Media have assisted in the management of my PPC campaigns they have shown an improvement in all the major areas. Click through rate, cost per sale, sales volume, Conversion rates and quality scores."


We are asked if the hard work is done up front and to a degree it is, but not in the way you customer might think.

Our approach to ppc management is reversed. Rather than focus on technical application we instead look at your business, its history, its goals and performance. We will then understand your goals, profile the customer and the experience.

We then use this insight to form a pay per click management strategy that our best practice methodology and technical know-how will deliver this seamlessly.

Our process for ppc management for a new customer is straight forward. Once our initial free no obligation review and discussions are done, we will agree a fee and provide the contracts for you to review. Once you have confirmed you are happy with this, we move on to the next stage. We will go through a consultation period to make sure we have missed nothing in our understanding of you, your ppc & business goals.

Once we are comfortable with this we will move on to the research stage, where we use our sales and marketing know how to develop our pay per click strategy.

Once implemented, this is where the really hard work begins. The analysing, testing, changing and planning for continuous improvement.

PPC or Pay Per Click provides instantaneous performance data for you. If you are looking to make an impact on a market and industry this is the quickest and most adaptable online revenue source.

You can appear quickly in front of your audience and you only pay when someone clicks on your site. How much you pay is controlled to a degree by you, however it is an auction and a very complex one at that.

The benefit is you can see quickly what is working, what is not. You can change spend and increase visibility all in day.

PPC Management is a speciality service and skill set. To be affective at ppc management you need to have a specific set of technical and analytical skills to become a qualified professional. Then you need to gain experience of the impact of decisions on your data, your customers and the company performance. To be a good ppc agency, technical knowledge on its own is not enough. You need marketing and sales experience for both on and offline consumer buying habits. The same applies in reverse a ppc company cannot be experts at sales and marketing without analytical and technical intelligence.

More About PPC

PPC sounds simple. You choose words that are relevant to your business. You set an amount you’re prepared to pay for each person to click on your advert. You write an advert, and then you wait for the measured return on investment.

The harsh reality is that this field is highly competitive and requires a specialist knowledge to not only manage the more technical & analytical aspects of paid search, but to also form a successful sales or marketing strategy for your PPC, based on sound business & marketing acumen.

For more information about Paid Search and examples of strategies, please take a look at our case studies and blog articles.

PPC Management As It Should Be

By utilising our tried and tested PPC account optimisation techniques we can breathe new life into under-performing PPC campaigns.

We have been involved in AdWords PPC Management since 2001, in 2004 our director was the first Google AdWords Certified Professional in the world, we live and breathe pay per click. We know some PPC management agencies may skim the surface of the potential and their thinking, often using automated software to manage bids, with a junior PPC manager spending a small amount of time per week checking it’s running adequately – we take a different approach; we work holistically so we do the hard work first, creating and understanding a strategy, analysing your past performance, setting goals and then we break down your account into logical campaigns with highly targeted Adgroups containing tightly themed keywords with engaging Adcopy focused on achieving the right level of return.

Did You Know?

The difference in cost between a keyword running at a quality score of 7 and the same one running at a quality score of 1 is around 600%! If you address this it can increase your savings in your existing spend to reinvest in expanding your PPC marketing reach or utilise elsewhere in the business.

Our PPC Work

We are happy to consider managing any PPC account regardless of your budget, from a new PPC campaign set up to six figure per month account. We have worked in pretty much every sector over the last ten years from heating oil to adult toys to menopause products to airport taxis, with cost per click ranging from a few pence to £50 per click!

We offer full PPC account management across all major PPC search engines as well as existing account optimisation, new account creation and trademark/brand protection. So get started today with a free PPC review or simply drop us a line for a no obligation chat on our free phone number.

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